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Damn, another update...
posted march 4th

You'd think I was actually doing things like fixing the service van or otherwise getting ready for this season of racing, which is already underway. Ummm...Sort of...

What better way to amp myself up than to watch some in-car footage from a past rally? Well now you can watch it too. Only 2.5 years later, I've finally gone a put up some in-car footage. Check out the /videos/ section for 2 complete stages from Maine Forest Rally.

And here's some really sweet news:


Author: USRC Media

Laughlin, Nevada (February 24, 2006) The United States Rally Championship (USRC) recognizes the importance of two-wheel drive (2WD) rally cars for the development and the well-being of the sport of rallying in the United States. The Championship is therefore prepared to lend support to those numerous competitors who compete in 2WD classes. With the recent proliferation of all-wheel drive (AWD) turbocharged rally cars, the Championship wishes to provide more visibility to teams with 2WD cars.

Toward that end, the Board of Directors of the United States Rally Championship, Inc. has decided to institute a 2WD United States Rally Championship.

(click here for the complete press release)

So it looks like Prime Time to jump back on the circuit and attend some events!

Holy Crap! An Actual Update!
posted february 22th

Well things have been agonizingly slow here at Team Saabworks. Our 'small break' from rallying has turned into a mind-bogglingly long vacation from the sport. In our defence there is quite a lot to do and we've been terribly busy with other things, like 'life'. But with the winter fast departing and spring around the corner there is exitement in the air. After talking with several people and going on my own gut instinct we will be fitting a new cage in the rally car, this process has hampered us from getting a current US logbook for the car. However the cage should be done soon and we can begin our triumphant (though long overdue) return!

In the meantime here are a few shots I found of the sister car of the current racer, being rallied in 1989 by Ola Stromberg. This car is identical to my current car and was built only 1 year before.

The day when our car returns to this kind of event and is at last driven in anger is fast aproaching!

New Car for Team Saabworks!
posted december 6th

It's been in the works for a while and is no surprise to some of you. However, I would like to announce the aquisition of a new race car for Team Saabworks. This is a rather big improvement over the green machine and hopefully will carry us to many victories. The car in question is a ex-factory rally car that we have imported from Sweden! Other than the photos and the specifications I would like to say 2 things:
Yes, it's blazing fast.
Yes, we will be painting it.

Reinforce Your Lower Control Arm
posted october 2nd

Ever have that dreaded lower control arm failure on your classic 900? Or maybe you're just dreading the eventual failure. Buying new control arms will alleviate this potential failure point but while your in there why not beef things up? This is what us rally guys do to make these control arms take the pounding abuse we put those poor things through.

9000turbo Resurrection
posted september 19th

So what do you do when you have a dead rally car and an idle crew chief? If you happen to also have a dead 9000t you put him to work on it! The motor on my 91 9000t had shit the bed at the beginning of the winter and sat while I sourced a good used engine for it. Nick was gracious enough to offer up his time to help me get the bloody thing back on the road. Thanks to his help it now runs and I will going to the DMV on Tuesday to put it back on the road. Thanks a million Nick! Here are some photos and the complete story.

(More) Minor Site Updates
posted august 12, august 14, august 18

A new addition: I'm attempting to get the most flames for one page and have started Spark Plug Wars. It's a primer on spark plugs and the reasons behind good spark plug decisions. (hint: it doesn't involve flashing blue lights or multiple prongs). august 18

I've added some videos in the /events/ section. I've also put some shots of the Saab Airflow Kit instructions book in the /projects/ section. august 12

Have you ever been curious about those crazy instructions you hear the co-driver yelling to the driver in WRC footage? I've put up a very detailed explanation of Stage Notes as used by Canadian and U.S. rallyers. Read it and what this means will no longer be a mystery: august 14

to end
  R6 120 ! Cr L6>4
  R5/Cr into Jct turn L4-lg
  50 ][ R3 NC

Team Saabworks T-shirt
posted july 28

These are the same T-shirts worn by Team Saabworks at all the rallies. Now you too can be the coolest kid on your block with one of these nifty Official Team Saabworks T-shirts. It's a heavy duty all cotton white T-shirt with the Team Saabworks logo on the front left breast and the Sport&Rally logo and team name on the back. The front logo is 4" wide and the back logo is 10" wide. $20 each, including shipping (within the 48 states). Available in S-M-L-XL-XXL. Please note, these are NOT cafepress jobs. They are real silk-screened shirts. Support a grassroots team and get a cool shirt too! If you'd like one send an email to james[at]saabworks.com and we'll sort out the shipping/paying details.

Saab Owners Gathering
posted july 22

This past weekend we went up to Mount Snow VT to attend the 3rd annual Saab Owners Gathering, put on by the New England Saab Association. I was the guest speaker at the saturday dinner. Since this year is the 25th anniversary of the 900 I wanted to talk about my experiences racing a 900. I think the talk went well, I spoke for about 15 minutes and then showed in-car footage from maine while answering questions for an additional 15 or so minutes. People seemed interested and many complimented me afterwards so I am happy with how it went. I want to thank Dirk Feather and the rest of the S.O.G. committee for giving me the chance to speak and for putting on a great event!.

Jillian took a number of photos of the gathering and I've put them up on a new section of the site. Check out the /events/ section for the S.O.G. photos and also for additional events Team Saabworks has gotten to. I'll be putting up write-ups on past rallies and photos as well.

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