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Swedish Car Day (1st Annual)
Lars Anderson Transportation Museum, Brookline MA.
October 15, 2000

The 1st annual Swedish Car Day was a resounding success in my humble opinion. Having spent Saturday night at my friend Ethan's house in Charlestown I was able to get there early. We were the first to arrive, other than Tim from Charles River Saab. We talked to Tim about the upcoming day and Tim gave us directions to a local bagle shop so we went and picked up breakfast. As Ethan and I were pulling out of the bagle shop I saw a 95 in my rearview mirror. The Saabs had started to arrive!
Back at the Transportation Museum we parked the car on the lawn next to Ryan Emge (organiser of NESA). While the majority of the cars arrived I was busy waxing my car and trying to make it presentable. I guess those comments about my dirty car at Saabtoberfest motivated me! It was great, leisurely waxing the car as more and more familiar faces and some new ones showed up.

I met a number of new Saab owners and was once again amazed at the camraderie that these cars generate. One big difference between us and the volvo people was that we seemed to be more a group of enthusiasts and the volvo contingency seemed to be a lot heavier on the corporate side. I guess you have to pay people to drive certain kinds of cars!

Charles River Saab donated prizes for the raffle and many people won some fabulous stuff. Yours truly finally won something at a Saab event- a $100 gift certificate to Charles River Saab! Jeff Proposki's lightning blue classic 900 viggen won peoples choice, of course. That car is unbelievable- the few pictures I took don't do it justice. The vintage crowd made a strong showing with a plethora of beautiful sonetts, a very nice blue 96 and a lovely 95. Classic 900's were in abundance and there were a good number of ng 900's, 9-3's and 9-5's. Viggen's and Aero's have quite an appeal- the examples that showed up were stunning.
The end of the day always comes too early at these events and this one was no exception. Tim had mentioned that the museum would be happy if 20 cars showed up. We certainly mustered more than that, not even counting the volvos. The success of the event was a tribute to the great people at Charles River Saab and all the enthusiasts that showed up. Many people worked hard to make this a successful event. I'd especially like to thank Tim for his hard work and dedication in organizing such a fun and enjoyable day! If you didn't get to Swedish Car Day this coming year I highly recommend marking your calendar for next years event.

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