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Saab Owners Gathering
July 16-18, 2004

The weather cooperated for the most part. Apparently it rained on Friday but we missed dinner and arrived after it had stopped. There was a good turnout and much time spent in the parking lot kicking tyres and drinking beverages. The concourse on Saturday was great and everyone had a good time relaxing and talking Saab. The Raffle was a great success as well, netting some much needed revenue for the New England Saab Association and awarding many people with much wanted loot. Sunday was pack-up-go-home day so we did just that.
The vintage crowd had a very good turnout. There was a good spread, from the early 60's all through the mid 70's. There was a stunning 2 stroke sonett 2 belonging to Lewis Eig and Bill Trench brought out his tonneau top 96 as well. The interior shot is through the tonneau top of his car. Saturday afternoon they all went for an ice cream drive.
And then there were the 2 99 turbos. Both were in stunning condition. My freind Keith owns the one on the right. He just had his interior redone and it looks amazing. I know we'll keep seeing these cars at gatherings for years to come. Unfortunately I forget whose 99 is on the left.
And since this year is the 25th anniversary of the 900 the bulk of the cars were 900's of course. Many heavily modified 900's in attendance, including Brian Kidder's air suspension ride. I've got to get him a tape of some 70's funk to play in that car! One of the SPG prototypes was there as well.
Jeff Proposki's 'viggen' 900 was there as well. His car has become the benchmark to measure against in the modified category.
The weekend wouldn't have been a success without the hard work of many people. Here's Ashli counting ballots for the concourse awards. Thanks to all the people that worked so hard to pull this off! If you missed the event this year make plans to attend next years event, which should be even better!
Here's a photo of me giving my talk at the dinner on Saturday night. I was quite nervous but it came out well. Even Jonh Moss seemed to be interested in what I was saying! I hope i didn't scare people away from the sport of Rally and maybe even intrigued some enough to attend an event and see what it's all about.
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