Rally: the original motorsport
Photo Courtesy of Tim Winker
Photo Courtesy of Warwick Patterson
unknown photographer
Photo Courtesy of plaftaphoto
Team Saabworks Race Cars

After many years of dreaming of racing cars and riding a large chunk of metal through the woods at absurd speeds, the Team Saabworks finally formed and started competing in Performance Rally. Here you can see the technical specifications and photos of the Team Saabworks cars.

Starting with the lightest and stiffest Saab 900, this is the first car we built and raced. These are pictures from the very beginning (dragging a sorry looking car home) all the way to the (mostly) finished product. This is the green machine many people are familiar with us running at events.

Here are photos and specifications of our new rally car, an ex-works 900 turbo from Sweden. This car is quite a step up from the first car we raced.

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