Rally: the original motorsport
Photo Courtesy of Tim Winker
Photo Courtesy of Warwick Patterson
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Photo Courtesy of plaftaphoto
1985 900 turbo coupe Rally Car "The Green Machine"

The Donor 84 900 turbo

The car we found for our rally car only had a naturally aspirated motor in it, so we had to find a turbo from another car to put in it. So we get word from a fellow Saaber that there's a possible donor car west of Boston. Gathered up for $300, we had our engine. Below are pics from the weekend we spent gutting the '84:

After a couple hours of disconnecting, we hooked the lift to the engine.

Slowly taking the load on the lift, we made sure that the engine was giong to sit level.

She slowly rose free from the frame which held her for over 260 thousand miles.

Another view of the engine rising from the grave.

James checks to make sure everything is disconnected.

Raising clear of the car that held it..

Its kind of like being born again...

James maneuvers the engine for a better look.

Not bad for the miles. A little dirty, but nothing some elbow grease can't fix.

We even brought in some spectators to see our triumph.

James looks closer...

It's a remanufactured gearbox. SCORE!

Only a gaping hole where the motor once lived.

James ponders the engine, now fully removed and the car rolled back a little.

An aerial view of our "shop" confined by stacks of computers and other crap.

James digs in to the some items we want to remove before we have the donor '84t junked.

Late at night by this point, and well into a snowstorm, we use the cop car to tow the '84 out of the way.
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