Rally: the original motorsport
Photo Courtesy of Tim Winker
Photo Courtesy of Warwick Patterson
unknown photographer
Photo Courtesy of plaftaphoto
1985 900 turbo coupe Rally Car "The Green Machine"

The rebuilt Rally Motor

After 250,000 miles the factory cross-hatching was still visible on the cylinder walls so the motor was put back together without major work- all new seals and gaskets and everything cleaned and brought back to factory specs.

The almost finished motor, waiting for an exhaust manifold, a turbo and a distributor. Shiny huh? :)

Here you can see the clutch cover and the front mounting point on the gearbox.

The intake manifold was polished and port matched to the head.

The engine has been stripped of all accessories, the only belts being the power steering and the water pump/alternator belts.

Here's a shot of the yard. These are the conditions that we have to deal with- the garage is not heated!

The head was rebuilt with all new valves, lifters, guides and valve springs. The valve springs, lifters and guides were sent out and cryo-treated. The head was fitted with a MSS turbo cam. The turbo is a 16v turbo, which has different vane pitch than the 8v turbo to flow more air.
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