Rally: the original motorsport
Photo Courtesy of Tim Winker
Photo Courtesy of Warwick Patterson
unknown photographer
Photo Courtesy of plaftaphoto
1985 900 turbo coupe Rally Car "The Green Machine"

Major progress! Motor, seats, etc. installed!

It's been a very busy time at Rally HQ. We've got the motor in the car, everything is hooked up and she's ready to start. We also fabricated brackets and installed the racing seats and harnesses. We managed to score a sweet deal on used seats and harnesses from a friends race car, he was upgrading and we got the old stuff for next to nothing! We also got the first piece of lexan installed, this will help lighten the car and is also unbreakable, so if we do have an 'off' we won't have to worry about shattering glass. You can see the steering wheel installed and the intercooler system from a 16v turbo installed as well. Everything is coming along nicely!
Every team needs a mascot.A sleeping cat works very well for keeping you company after a 12 hour stint in the unheated garage!
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