Rally: the original motorsport
Photo Courtesy of Tim Winker
Photo Courtesy of Warwick Patterson
unknown photographer
Photo Courtesy of plaftaphoto
1985 900 turbo coupe Rally Car "The Green Machine"

Here are some shots of when I picked up the car, bought in Mass. from a fellow who just wanted the thing out of his driveway. I sent him photos of the finished product! One rental van, tow dolly and saturday later the new shell was in the driveway- full of potential but little else:

Picking up the tow vehicle

Finished loading up

Side shot of 2 door on the dolly

Time to drive

At a rest stop, halfway home

Made it home with no troubles

The rare 2 door notchback

Not bad for $300

Future Rally car

The tired N/A engine

What no turbo!? For now...

This interior will be gone
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