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Works Rally Car!!

Following the loss of the original Team Saabworks rally car we have been hard at work to acquire a replacement. The process was actually begun last season as it had become apparent that the current shell would not last much longer. We negotiated with a nice fellow in Sweden and became the proud owners of an ex-works 900. "Works" cars are racing cars that are built by the manufacturer, in this case Saab of course. Enjoy the photos!
The car is a former factory rally car, built by Saab's competition department. It is built on a raw chassis picked from the assembly line and then welded and re-inforced. It is a Saab 900 T16 M89 with a total of only 4100 km ( 2560 miles ) since new. It was built in 1989 and licensed for the first time as a rally car on March 1st 1990 by Saab's Competition Department.
The gearbox is the "stora lådan" (big gearbox) that was specially developed by Saab's Competition Department for use in the huge torque 99 and 900 turbo rally cars. This type of gearbox contains all the best parts: huge 7:34 ring/pinion with ZF limited slip differential and steel backplate, 4 chain primary with extra roller bearing, straight cut gears with no synchros, re-inforced gear set, re-inforced inner drivers, extended shift rod, modified shifter mechanism and a gear oil pump with it's own oil filter and a fan assisted oil cooler. It also has a modified and raised short-shift console. The clutch is sintered and the hydraulic line is braided steel.
The engine is fitted with MBE engine management (injection and ignition) and with Trollspeed 640 cc Siemens injectors (the same as Per Eklund). The headgasket is reinforced, and has flame rings. The head has hydraulic lifters. The cams are stock N/A 900i cams (European). The inlet is from a 2.1L -93. The bottom end has been lightened and balanced and just rebuilt with new rods and pistons. The car is not fitted with a knock sensor (with the stand-alone engine management it is not necessary). The intercooler is a special 600 x 500 mm Scania unit.

The turbocharger is an updated Tb03 "Trim 60" with SP3 ceramic needle bearings and a rated capacity of 350hp with a recommended max boost of 1.5 bar (22 psi). The engine mounts are re-inforced with Teflon and the front mount has been tripled. The fuel system has 3 fuel pumps with filters and a catch tank. The exhaust is initially 4" including the flexpipe, and 3" the rest of the way with double endpipes.

The car is fitted with a very short ratio power steering rack with it's own separate cooling system.
The car has modified outer c.v. joints and special re-inforced inner c.v. joints. The suspension has Sachs adjustable shocks and factory rally springs. Control arms are fully reinforced and have bronze bushings. The front rotors are ventilated. Front brakes have 4 piston AP Racing calipers with larger rotors. The system is fitted with an AP Racing brake balancer and hydraulic 'fly-off' handbrake. All brake lines are stainless steel.
The car has the older -87 bolt circle (114 mm), to have a bigger selection of factory rally rims available.

There is a comprehensive cage going all the way to the front spring towers, including a brace between the towers. The rollcage is made of cold-pulled seamless clean steel tubes, holding max 0.3% carbon and with a pullstrength of 350 N / mm2. The main cage is 45 mm diameter with 2.5 mm thickness. The other bars are 38 mm diameter with 2.5 mm thickness. Everything is MIG welded. The bodyshell is seam-welded and reinforced.

The cage is approved for the International Swedish WRC Rally and the same everyone is using in Sweden. The car comes with a clean and valid swedish pro rally logbook.
The MBE engine management is laptop programable for the ultimate in tunability and reliability. In addition the whole electrical system has been moved inside the car as well as all fuel and brake lines.
The car weighs 2500 lbs including all liquids and ready to go. No body parts have been substituted with plastic which is not permitted in Sweden.

And finally the car has never been rolled or in an accident and has no dents anywhere.

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Team Saabworks is in no way affiliated with Saab AB or Saab USA (although they could sponsor us, really we wouldn't complain!)