Rally: the original motorsport
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Photo Courtesy of Warwick Patterson
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---- 1984 Saab 900, 3 door, 8 valve turbo, 5 spd manual ----
The car was originally bought for $500 with a good body and interior and precious little else. I had a '83 4 door black 900t that I had mechanically rebuilt but the body had rusted so far it wouldn't pass inspection. This car would get all those parts. Thanks to a lot of help from a good friend, Seth Strait, most of the work was completed in a single long weekend!
The mechanicals from that car were taken out and put into this one, from the engine and gearbox to the exhaust system and suspension. Some visual touches, a can of silver spray paint later (for the grill and front spoiler) and it looked as good as it went! This car was my daily driver until I hit a deer with it. That damage combined with a large amount of underbody rot condemned this once beautiful daily driver to a parts car.

— Rebuilt 8 valve turbo motor and gearbox —
— 16 valve turbo MSS Race lightened flywheel —
— 16 valve turbo clutch kit —
— MSS exhaust —
— Shortened shifter —
— 16 valve oilcooler —
— K&N Filtercharger —
— 16 valve intercooler w/Group 6 intercooler pipes —
—Saab Sport & Rally skid plate —
— Saab accessory gauges —

— 1985 16 valve APC box —
— Bosch High Output "Red" ignition coil —
— Magnecor 8.5mm spark plug wires —
— Saab Factory Whale Tail Spoiler —
— Saab Factory Louvres and vent covers —
— Saab Momo steering wheel —

winter setup:
SPG Shocks and springs all around w/Rally spacers
Saab Shelby 8 spoke rims & 185/65/15 Hakka Q's

summer setup:
SPG shocks w/MSS Front springs & SPG rear springs Ronal 8 spoke rims & 205/55/15 tyres

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