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---- 1988 900 SPG, 3 door, 16 valve turbo, 5 spd manual ----

This is my current project/weekend car. It's a factory original SPG with around 250,000 miles on it. The car was purchased from a good friend of mine. It is a southern car with no rust except for some surface rust in the engine bay, which will be painted.
There is a good stereo consisting of a kenwood radio/tape deck married to a 10 disc changer in the trunk with component speakers up front and 6x9's in the rear with 2 8" subwoofers. 1 amp powers the speakers and 1 amp powers the subs. I replaced the stock headlights with e-code lights and replaced the tired floor mats with new factory ones.
The car has the Saab Factory 185hp tuning kit consisting of a 2.8 BAR fuel regulator, an ignition distributor with a more aggressive retard curve and a reprogrammed APC computer. The computer was reprogrammed by myself so unfortunately it is not a 'red box'. The car has SPG springs and Bilstein shocks. It has a 2.5" glasspack exhaust.
The leather is in really nice condition and the headliner was redone with grey material to match the rest of the car. I added a leather sport steering wheel and the aero 16" rims. The overall effect is grey and grey and grey and grey, very nice in my opinion. The paint isn't perfect but it is original. A respray is somewhere in the future.
The head was refreshed with a rather nasty port & polish. the intake and exhaust manifolds were matched to the head, the throttle body was smoothed out and the entire engine was given a good going over: all new seals and gaskets and a general refresh of ancilliaries.

Unfortunately due to running a lot of boost with a disabled timing retard unit i holed a piston. The car is in the midst of a comprehensive engine rebuild with 8.5:1cr 1mm overbore pistons. The rods are lightened and balanced and the crank has been lightened as well. The crank, flywheel/clutch assembly and crank pulley are balanced as a unit and the flywheel has 6lbs taken off it. The pistons themselves have been weight matched.
Overall the build is designed to greatly increase engine responsiveness above 4,000 rpm's. Already with just the port the car really took off at higher revs. Given the positive effects acheived already the car should pretty much scream when it's finished!

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