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---- 1988 Saab 900, 3 door, 16 valve turbo, 5 spd manual ----

'Blixt' is swedish for lightning. This was my first saab that I really put a lot of effort into performance-wise. It was my second turbo car and I wanted to make it move. Purchased for $700 with a bad gearbox, a number of other mechanical problems and slightly ratty cloth interior. However the exterior paint was very nice and there wasn't a ding on the whole car.
Unfortunately I don't have a lot of photos of this car. There are some earlier photos during the evolution of the car and then just 2 photos of the finished product. If i find more I'll certainly get them up here.
The car was originally built to SPG specs- I had looked at the microfiche to see what was different between a regular turbo and a SPG. Then everything that made an SPG an SPG was purchased and installed. Once i finished with that though i still wanted to take things further. I began by putting 16" super aero rims on the car. this was back in 1996 and i couldn't find anyone that had fit 16" 9000 rims on a classic 900. Looking at the numbers everything should have cleared no problem but it was still a little nervous to bolt them on and go for the first drive! Those rims made quite an imression at the SOC in '97. That was also my first time attending a Saab Owners Convention, a yearly gathering I hope to never miss!

16" super aero rims
2.5" glasspack exhaust
mandrel bent intake piping
3.3 BAR fuel regulator
Saab 'high performance' ignition distributor (agressive retard under boost)
remapped APC yeilding 25psi with no taper
93 turbo gearbox and 9000 turbo clutch/flywheel
4 point harnesses
Saab accessory gauges
full Saab airflow kit
Saab whaletail
stock clarion Saab tape deck/cd player combo
2 amps, 2 10" free-air subs, 2 6x9's (rear), 2 4" woofers w/tweeters (front)
crossdrilled rotors w/ferodo pads and stainless brake lines
boost gauge ala 99 turbo
european code headlights
The car continued to get performance goodies and other modifications (like the hella 2000 driving lights) until some time in '98 when i decided to turn the car into a complete Carlsson replica. It was decided that the car would look better with the entire kit left bumper grey than colour-matched to the car. I think this is the best look for a Carlsson or SPG (Canada got silver SPG's) bar none. One of the things I miss about this car is the rear parcel shelf. I had redone it using 3/4" birch plywood stained to match the leather interior. The subs and 6x9's were mounted in this. I'll try to find a photo of this.

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